Provide a secure and stable environment for your website with timely update capabilities and inbuilt learning tools.


We take maintenance and hardware seriously – in the same way that a car requires regular maintenance and a good road, websites require regular maintenance and the right server platform. Utilising best in class server architecture, we are able to offer robust, scalable hosting solutions to meet any security, speed and traffic requirement. We keep an eye on the future so you don’t have to and our maintenance program keeps your site up to date and better secured against malicious intent.

  • Technical maintenance (platform updates)
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Security
    • Audits
    • Hardening
    • SSL
  • Website hosting
    • Bronze: SME, standard websites
    • Silver: E-commerce
    • Gold: High traffic


Your website is only as good as your content. We can give you the tools to keep your site up-to-date or, if you’d prefer, focus on doing what you do best, we can manage the whole process on your behalf.

  • Content production
  • Maintenance and iteration
  • Site training
  • Content management tools


Understanding the traffic flow on your website is critical to understand how your marketing budget is performing, where your strongest sales leads and results are coming from and how you can iterate to improve performance.

  • User journeys and pathway mapping
  • Interaction recording
  • Heatmaps