A user-friendly new platform
to better support Auckland enterprise.

The Auckland Business Chamber is a membership-based organisation focused on supporting and empowering businesses in the Auckland Region. Their mission is to strengthen Auckland as a world-class commercial, industrial and communications centre while helping their network of entrepreneurs and corporates excel in their business ventures. The Chamber also fosters relationships internationally, and with other regional Chambers throughout New Zealand.

The Auckland Business Chamber came to us with an outdated website that was difficult to navigate and not all that functional. For staff, adding updates to the site was time consuming, and limited functionality hindered their ability to use their digital platform to its full potential.

We also helped them with:

  • Site-wide search functionality
  • Content entry
  • Migration of site content to retain SEO benefits
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Ongoing hosting and maintenance

Our solution

We crafted a contemporary, user-friendly new website that better communicates with business owners and supports the Chamber’s goal to become the leading provider of business resources for Auckland and their wider network. We enhanced the look and feel of the Chamber’s existing branding with clean design and UX elements that reflect the calibre and professionalism of the organisation.

We began by implementing a more fulsome sitemap with navigable pathways allowing users to explore the website and easily find the information most pertinent to them. We ensured that all content across the site was displayed clearly in visually appealing, digestible sections. 

Membership Functionality

As much of the content and tools on the Chamber website are only available as part of a membership, we created gated content sections that are only accessible to logged in members. However, we ensured that general users would also find value in the site and that it would be engaging and easy to navigate regardless of membership status.

The Chamber manages their membership accounts, events, marketing and payments through several third-party systems and one of the reasons we craft our sites on WordPress is for seamless integration with all of these systems. Signing up and logging in are straightforward processes on the new website were also able to further enhance their CRM functionality by embedding marketing forms and CTAs in the site, and integrating a Chatbot option. 

We also crafted the Members Lounge, a gated digital resource library that offers extensive information and tools for members, across all aspects of business.


A significant portion of the Chamber’s activities and offering relate to the myriad events they put on throughout the year in support of Auckland’s business community. To support their efforts here, we built a powerful Event booking engine that allows users to easily book tickets to events, in a way that integrates with their accounting software and CRM. 

The future

We built the new Auckland Business Chamber website with longevity and ease of use for internal staff in mind. The backend is straightforward and enables users to create new pages, upload all types of content and media, quickly update key information and track member activity. The Mantis team are proud to have been a key contributor to the mission of the Chamber as they endeavour to strengthen and inform Auckland’s network of businesses.