An innovative site for an industry leader.

Brosnan Construction specialise in finding solutions to unique and complex commercial construction challenges. They are the epitome of excellence in construction, and prioritise positive impact on their community, their clients, government and the environment.

Brosnan envisioned a new website: an accurate portrayal of Brosnan as forward-thinking industry leaders. We brought that vision to life.

Our solution

The new Brosnan site needed to be easy to navigate and reflective of their unparalleled experience and expertise in the construction industry. We designed an uncluttered, eye-catching site on a contemporary Content Management System (WordPress).

To reflect the updated Brosnan business strategy, we focused on building a site that would appeal directly to a discerning audience of potential clients focused on innovative solutions tailored to their unique projects, rather than ‘cheap fixes’. Instead of dispensing a deluge of information, the new format encourages visitors to ask themselves what the biggest challenges of their construction project are. The site then filters relevant work and information, so the visitor only has to peruse content based on their specific needs.

Another priority for the rebuild was to ensure the site could be simply extended with additional functions and features, rather than need another full rebuild in a couple of years. The open source, user-friendly nature of the site means Brosnan staff can easily make changes internally, will not be reliant on third-party propriety software that could expire or become redundant in future.

Our site rebuild is a more accurate representation of the Brosnan company values, has empowered Brosnan staff with an easy to manage, future-proofed website platform. The new format drastically improves visitor experience, and of course, looks great!

Ground-up site re-design to accomodate new strategic direction
Brand contemporising
Porting of considerable historical content

We also helped them with:

  • Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Design
  • Development
  • Branding
  • Automation