Sophistication in surgery.

Jonathan Wheeler is a specialist facial aesthetic surgeon in Auckland New Zealand. He
wanted his website to reflect the professionalism and expertise of his
industry-leading practice, and to provide the information and reassurance needed for
potential patients to reach out.

A sophisticated, easy-to-navigate website is more important than ever when dealing with the complex and sometimes ‘scary’ information around facial surgery. We created a website that showcases Mr Wheeler as a highly specialised professional in his field, with the ability to provide excellent results in hand with as pleasant an experience as possible.

We also helped them with:

  • Ongoing website hosting and maintenance
  • Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Design
  • Development

Our solution

We built the site using a contemporary, user-friendly WordPress theme. The typography, simplicity and carefully chosen photography on the website culminate in an aesthetically pleasing site that instils confidence in Mr Wheeler and encourages the reader to learn more.

The site acts as an informative resource in uncomplicated language and with a friendly tone, ideal for anyone considering facial surgery in New Zealand. The information boosts the website’s SEO rankings, generates plenty of traffic and converts that traffic into well qualified leads.