What the fat

WTF, that's a nice website!

The What The Fat? team are on a mission to educate the world about the health benefits of a Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat (LCHF) lifestyle. Part of this mission is ensuring their information-laden books are easily accessible all over the world.

That’s where we came in.

Return on investment: 1715%
Admin time saved: 58 weeks
2 sold out print runs and counting
Grew a 5-figure email list

We helped them with:

  • E-commerce (using WooCommerce)
  • Systems Strategy
  • Multiple localised Third Party Logistics integrations
  • Geolocated pricing and content
  • Newsletter sign up integration

Mantis Digital are really easy to work with. They listen to what you want and then just get on with it. What The Fat? is a start up business and as such we were really concerned about the cost of building a website that had all the functionality we needed including e-commerce and automatically sending orders to our distribution warehouse. Mantis Digital delivered all of this on time and on budget. Best of all though is that they are genuinely interested in helping your business to succeed and continually look to add new capabilities that will make things better, cheaper, and faster.

Professor Grant Schofield

Our solution

The Real Food Publishing Company initially engaged us to help them launch their first book and sell it online and from there launch their two follow up books. We designed and built a WordPress website integrated with WooCommerce to sell their products and the result has been phenomenal. The WooCommerce solution we developed included an automated integration with a third party logistics company so that the order and fulfilment process essentially runs itself.

From NZ to the world
We initially built the site to beautifully showcase the two books the team have written but also to provide a platform for them to spread their message to the world and spread that message they have!

As their books and following grew it became increasingly necessary to offer the books closer to the markets they were entering (rather than shipping globally from NZ). In order to fulfil that need we upgraded the site to facilitate automatically applied local pricing which enabled WTF? to sell their books in local currencies and open up to new markets in a much more attractive way.

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