From the ancient Greek meaning prophet or seer, the mantis is emblematic of calm, patience and balance.

We don’t consider ourselves as prophets, though Mantis Digital does share a number of characteristics with our namesake.

We are calm, patient and balanced. Our preparation is thorough and focused. Then, when the time is right, we move swiftly.

In many cultures it’s considered good luck if a mantis lands on you.
It’s even more fortunate if you land on us.

Our culture and values.

In the online world it can be easy to lose your head. We don’t. We’re calm under pressure and know exactly what to do – we’ve done it before. You can relax too; we’ve got this.

We live in a state of constant improvement (Kaizen). Like the dynamic nature of the industry we work in, we’re always looking to better ourselves and our processes. Like the Mantis, we adapt to our surroundings.

We cultivate enthusiasm in our workplace and make fun infectious with our clients. We love this stuff!

Working at Mantis Digital.

We like to work with creative, enthusiastic, relentlessly optimistic dreamers.

If you want to work:

  • in jandals in summer
  • with a tight knit and dedicated team
  • on a wide variety of projects
  • flexible hours
  • in a heritage workspace in the heart of Britomart

…we may be the business for you.
If you’d like to talk about working at Mantis Digital, get in touch with us.