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Mantis Digital is proud to be part of The Quentosity Group. New Zealand owned and operated, The Quentosity Group has a stable of industry leading brands that work across the digital and design sector. Check out the latest job opportunities over The Quentosity Group website.
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We offer genuine work/life balance

Lots of people talk about work/life balance but we put our money where our mouths are.

Flexible hours and remote working

We’re flexible about where and when you work and our philosophy is based on mutual respect – we respect you to get your work done and you do so in return – no micro management, no baby-sitting, just respect.

No craziness

We started our careers in crazy agencies that ran on stress and pressure and vowed to not repeat that cycle when we started our own. We put systems and proper planning in place to ensure that our work is well scheduled and everything is under control. This is an all-nighter free zone!

Interesting and Varied Work for Great Clients

We love our clients and they love us! We do really interesting and challenging work for a great range of clients from FMCG businesses to NGOs and other such acronyms.

You'll Be In (a) Great Company

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Great People

We prioritize building a team that works well and enjoys each other's company. We're proud of our diverse team that complements and builds off each other's strengths.
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Inspiring Workplace

The spaces you inhabit make a big difference to your enjoyment of life, and your workspaces in Tauranga and Auckland are no exception.

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The Best Equipment

We spare no expense when it comes to the tools you use – we all work on top of the line Macs and we buy any software needed, no questions asked.
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Coming Up Together

We’re happy to nurture our employees to follow the career path and work they’re interested in and support their professional development accordingly.
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Focus and Process

We ensure that everyone has a very clear job description with clear responsibilities and accountabilities. Everyone knows what they’re meant to do and we defend their ability to do it by being focussed and process driven as a company.
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Check one-two

We’re very much a checklist oriented company as they reduce slip ups and the stress that follows them!

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Group of Mantis employees standing together outside in a covered area.