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Establish a credible image through a customised professional email address aligned with your domain.

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Get Your Own Custom Email Address Now.

Show your clients you mean business and boost your brand with every message you send. Mail hosting services are perfect for all your business needs, including everyday communication and promoting your goods or services via email marketing.


Unique email address that fits your domain


Create a sense of legitimacy for your brand


Build trust


Promote your business


Branding Begins with Your Personalised Email.

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Build Trust with Domain-Based Email

Statistics show that customers significantly prefer businesses with professional email addresses. A domain-based email enhances your company's image with each communication and allows for creating custom addresses like sales@ or info@, improving customer service.

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Room to Spare

Retain what matters most to you. Our packages offer ample storage for your emails, contacts, and shared calendars. With our business email service, space will never be an issue.

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Email Management Made Easy

Setting up and handling your business email is a breeze with Mantis Digital. Our support squad is here to assist with any queries and can facilitate the transition from your former email hosting provider to our service.

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Stay in Sync

Keep everything connected across all your gadgets. Stay updated with your newest messages, contacts, and schedules anytime, anywhere. We'll provide seamless synchronisation, ensuring that your laptop, smartphone, and tablet are always working harmoniously.


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