Website Maintenance.

Much like with a car, maintaining a website regularly is vital to ensure that it continues to run optimally.

We can give you peace of mind and handle it for you with our easy maintenance plan, read on to find out how…

What is website maintenance?

Your site is made up of an interconnected combination of custom code, 3rd party plugins and the WordPress core software itself. Just like with any software, the environment the website exists and operates in is constantly changing and the site needs to be updated and improved accordingly.

One of the great advantages of using the Open Source WordPress platform is that we can leverage the work of hundreds of thousands of developers around the world who are all working to improve the platform continually.

Website maintenance is all about implementing those critical updates to your site to keep it current and optimised. These updates cover both performance improvements but also bug fixes and security patches.

Doing regular maintenance is required to make sure your site continues to run well but also reduces the risk and impact of an undesirable event happening, like a hack, compromise or data corruption.

Combined with our backup plans it’s the best way to ensure that your site will continue to perform well and safeguard it against risk.

Why is it necessary and desirable?

It helps to make your site perform optimally (speed, reliability, security etc)
It’s much cheaper to do preemptive maintenance on a regular basis than to have to deal with a catastrophic error should one occur
Having us do it for you will give you peace of mind knowing it’s taken care of by professionals
Outdated plugins can cause functionality to stop working
Helps to identify and address issues early before they evolve into problems
It increases a site’s security – if a website gets hacked (and doesn’t have a backup) it can sometimes require a total rebuild which can run from $5,000 minimum
It’s much less work to maintain a site on a regular basis rather than once in a while
SSL Certificates can be broken and disabled by outdated code libraries

What’s the risk if a site isn’t maintained regularly?

The site’s performance (speed, reliability, security etc) will begin to degrade over time
The site will increasingly be at risk of a hack or security breach
The site may unexpectedly go down
Your site will lag behind the standard and any problems will become increasingly severe
The site’s Search Engine Optimisation may suffer
Unexpected errors may occur

Our maintenance package covers the following services in a convenient quarterly subscription

Plugin Updates

We update WordPress core and plugins as well as testing and checking for issues caused by the update.

Website Backup

We take a full backup of your site before conducting maintenance and retain it until the next maintenance round. If you want more frequent and longer lasting backups check out our backup plans.

Fine Tuning

We use special software to check that the website is performing optimally and make recommendations for improvements as needed.


We will check your site for issues which may be affecting your SEO and talk to you about a solution there.

Frequency and cost

We generally conduct maintenance on a quarterly basis and scope the cost depending on the site’s complexity.


What isn’t included?

Whilst applying plugin updates very rarely cause issues, it is possible that changing the code in the site can cause an unforeseeable conflict that has an adverse effect. Issues can range from minor cosmetic changes to severe functional breakages.

In the rare event that an issue does arise we will roll back the update to restore the site to the previously stable state.

Any fixes required are out of scope for this service and we’ll contact you about what’s required to fix the issues and quote for the solution.

Plugin renewal fees
Plugins sometimes require license fee renewals to be updated and those costs are not included in the package. In that event, we will contact you to confirm and approve the costs before going ahead.