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Aquaculture Direct is one of New Zealand’s largest aquaculture consultancies. They provide key support and advisory services for aquaculture companies, government and regulatory entities, iwi and investors.

As part of a wider strategy to double the size and capability of their business, Aquaculture Direct needed a website that enabled them to use their digital presence as a growth too and reflected their expertise and commitment to sustainable practices.

The main thing Aquaculture Direct needed from us was a website built from the ground up that could become an effective lead and conversion tool and accommodated their new strategic direction.

Our Solution

In order to better convey the forward-thinking ethos of this consultancy, we contemporised their branding and added modern UX features to the site for a visitor-friendly experience. We established an intuitive, easy-to-navigate gated portal for simplified sharing of information between Aquaculture Direct and their clients, and created a case studies section to showcase the consultancy’s most innovative work and key clients. We also undertook an extensive content migration project to retain the SEO benefits of the historical content of their previous site.

The finished product is a clean, effective website with automation features for staff to easily update content in future, and an online resource that better reflects the expertise and sustainable values of Aquaculture Direct.

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Web pages highlighting layout for services with text over images.About us layouts demonstrating expanded text next to photos.Example of layout with hero image at top and smaller images tiled below.

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