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Diversity Consulting are driving transformational change across businesses of all shapes and sizes. With a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants, they focus on empowering better workplaces through diversity and inclusion principles.

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Partnering with Diversity Consulting alongside their selected Brand Strategist (nicolemerrie.com), we set out to achieve a WordPress website that would not only increase their presence online but also attract clients and maintain ongoing working relationships. Juggling new business pressures, Bev needed a partner who she could trust. With a previous working relationship, Diversity Consulting knew that they could rely on our fast and effective decision making and that we could fully manage the website build. With a clear brief and key objectives, we set out to design a beautiful website to suit her new brand and drive exceptional results. Once the website had been live for a while, we checked in with her to talk about her experience: How did you find the workflow and communications between the two teams? “The workflow between our teams was very effective, and you were very responsive. The ease of communication came from having a small enough team to care about the details and be able to action our requirements.” Managing your own business, and juggling priorities can be time consuming. How did you feel that you were looked after, while still having input in the design and build of your new website? “Your knowledge and experience was really impressive and helpful when you are wanting to focus on your business and all the compliance issues I already have to deal with. So having people that already know their stuff, take those issues away from you, made all the difference, and be able to do this in a timely manner was really ideal in an environment where most would assign you a job number and ask you to wait. As a small business and a Consultant – time is money – and that’s just not an option.” An effective online presence is extremely important for a business like yours. How happy are you with the final result? “Of my 5 largest clients – 4 of them came as Website Enquiries. 42% of people find my website via Google. You can look at my website and see for yourself, it’s impressive. Clean and modern.”

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Use of creative font and image design elements to lend cohesiveness to a website.Examples of Mantis Digital's custom graphic designs for client's website pages.Web page designs featuring a strong blocking element to draw attention to company values.

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