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Drive Electric is a not-for-profit advocacy organisation focused on increasing electric vehicle (EV) uptake across all industries and the decarbonisation of New Zealand’s transport sector. They engage with government, media, businesses and individual consumers to instigate change and provide accurate information about electric transport. They have 60+ member businesses that actively support the EV movement.

Our Solution

We crafted a contemporary, robust website that showcases Drive Electric as a future-focused organisation, and developed functionality for sophisticated new tools and resources.

The most exciting element of the project was the build of a new filterable search tool for all available new EV models in New Zealand. This enables consumers to discover and compare EV models that suit their budgets and lifestyle. We also built an industry directory of all businesses within the NZ electric transport ecosystem, and a new resources section to help people make informed decisions at every stage of their EV journey. We worked closely with Content Cartel to gather accurate information and deliver extensive new content across the whole website.

This was an intricate project that required extensive research, prototyping, design, development and quality assurance testing phases. It was an opportunity to really test our development and functionality chops and we are proud to say our team thrived with the challenge.

All our hard work culminated in a high-profile launch event with the Minister of Transport and CEO of EECA among the keynote speakers. We will continue to maintain and enhance this website as Drive Electric continues their mission to advance the future of electric vehicles in New Zealand!

Our Services:

Google Maps integrations via API
WooCommerce installation & configuration
eWay/Stripe Payment Gateway integration
Afterpay Integration
Adword call tracking installation
Social media integrations
301 redirects to preserve existing SEO
Advanced analytics setup (for CPC and funnel tracking)
Gated content functionality
Membership POS
Event ticketing functionality
Website pages demonstrating captivating images with limited text to engage the viewer.Open laptap against the client's brand colors.Website search page displayed on mobile phone and tablet to show mobile usability.Search results page returning photos of vehicles and their descriptions.

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