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Farmer Autovillage is a reputed car dealership and auto service provider, well-known and trusted by their Tauranga community.

They came to us with a tired, difficult to operate website not at all reflective of their high-quality brand.

We engineered a site rebuild that properly showcases the high standards and excellent service of Farmer Autovillage, and is an easy-to-use asset for staff.

Our Solution

First, we improved the connection with the vehicle listing and lead management system, Autoplay. The Autoplay software is now seamlessly integrated into the website, and restyled beyond the ‘off the shelf’ product to be tailored to the specific needs of FAV.

Next, we developed a much-needed template to display information about each of the 12 FAV car brands in a cohesive, easy to digest format. The template can also be easily applied to all future brand rollouts.

We consolidated the haphazard and confusing auto services descriptions on the site into a comprehensive ‘Auto Village’ section with a simple navigable menu.

We then ensured that all elements are straightforward for FAV to control going forward. We used WordPress to create a contemporary Content Management System. FAV can now quickly modify listings, display up-to-date deals and timely marketing content, so they can get straight back to providing excellent auto services instead of tinkering with a complex site.

To finish, we looked at the site overall to ensure that FAV branding is front and centre, separate from the vehicle manufacturers they represent.

This was an opportunity to better tell the Farmer Autovillage story. Mantis delivered an easy to interpret site for staff and visitors. The rebuild provides a solid foundation for effective marketing, increasing conversions, driving sales, and giving potential customers a fantastic first impression before they even walk into the dealership.

Our Services:

Consolidating confusing services
Reducing call times for integration
Rejuvenating UX to boost conversions
Advanced tracking for accurate sales pipeline analysis
Ongoing support, of course!
Search page design example and results page example.Full product range page and corresponding specific model page.Example of catalogue of of product offers.

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