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GridAKL is a network of coworking spaces that foster a supportive, vibrant culture for entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups. They pride themselves on creating work areas that harness the power of collaboration and help businesses to connect, share ideas, and access the tools they need to help them grow.

GridAKL came to us with a clunky, poorly designed site that was built for a time when the company was simply trying to fill desk spaces. Having outgrown their brand goals and expanded to new sites, GridAKL had also outgrown their digital space and needed a platform that supported their new focus on innovation, community, and their new event space hire service.

In short, GridAKL needed rejuvenation to explore their developments as a brand and better articulate the value of their brand.

Our Solution

So, we crafted a user-friendly, contemporary website that supports the brand objectives of GridAKL!

Platform29 crafted the website design, while Mantis was brought in during the later stages of design to advise on and execute the technical aspects of the website build.

We collaboratively focused on a clean, leading-edge design and a user-friendly experience that keeps potential customers engaged via intuitive information pathways. We advanced the technical feel of GridAKL’s existing branding with elements that reflect the calibre and professionalism of the company.

We are proud to have delivered a site that adds fantastic value to the marketing and customer engagement efforts of GridAKL.

Our Services:

Ongoing hosting and maintenance
Content entry
Google Analytics integration
Mobile compatibility
Social media integration
User experience strategy
Mobile phones superimposed over a computer screen to demonstrate that the content performs as well on mobile as desktop.Web page highlighting the locations of GridAKL.About Us pages demonstrating the company's values and highlighting it's employess.The Venue Hire page not only lists the venues available but also provides information about other companies hiring the different spaces available.

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