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Lily & Louis are forward-thinking creative PR specialists and the driving force behind fresh and exciting public engagement campaigns for some of New Zealand’s most high-profile brands.

The only thing holding Lily & Louis back was a clunky, difficult to manage website.

Our Solution

The best solution for this tired website was a full rebuild, so we could properly showcase the dynamic brand of Lily & Louis and develop systems that empowered them to take the reins on their own website management going forward.

We took the time to get to know the company so we could ensure these creatives had a digital platform worthy of the excellent creative work they do every day. We took their simple one-page website and built a nine-page platform on WordPress, full of useful information about their services; this greatly improved their Search Engine Optimisation.

Visitors are now drawn in by several appealing visual elements as soon as they enter the site: we used an exciting home page video to convey the ethos of the company, and, given the success and engagement Lily & Louis has on Instagram, we capitalised on that by integrating their feed.

We then created a comprehensive portfolio management system. On top of the 98 case studies we launched with, Lily & Louis can now easily keep their portfolio fresh and relevant as they take on new projects.

We are proud to have worked alongside Lily & Louis to build a site that showcases an immense portfolio while conveying the dynamic nature and expertise of this creative PR agency.

Our Services:

Website Design
Website Development
Google Maps integration
Sample design layouts for introducing a company to prospective clients.Image vs. logo layouts for highlighting a company's work and clients.Website pages with similar design layout but different content.

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