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Medleaf Therapeutics is an innovative company changing the face of medicinal cannabis. They came to us with a technically problematic website that was also not reflective of the sophistication or purpose of their company.

Medleaf presented an interesting challenge as we needed to create an informational resource hub for consumers and doctors, whilst also being sensitive to the ever-changing regulatory framework within which Medleaf can operate and market itself.

Our Solution

First up, we fixed the functional issues and glitches in the site, before giving it a shiny new makeover!

We took care to honour the existing Medleaf branding and built a robust, user-friendly, future-proofed website around it. A sophisticated interface and typography was important in helping to reduce the stigma around the products and portray Medleaf as the innovative, wellness-focused organisation they are.

User-friendliness is crucial for the website at both ends; Medleaf staff need to be able to change the content easily and quickly as the market continues to evolve, consumers need to be able to access digest the information needed to make the next step in the consumer buying journey, and medical partners need a straightforward platform through which to access gated content that enables them to prescribe Medleaf products.

Our Services:

Search Engine Optimisation
Social media integration
Ongoing domain hosting, maintenance and support
User Experience
Web pages utilizing white space which serves to highlight the simple text on each page.MedLeaf's footer depicting quick links to other pages and boxes of text, graphics, and photos at the top.Sample web pages showcasing how complicated text can read simpler through the use of font spacing and white space.

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