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Seeking to be a trailblazer in light and immersive technologies, Novii helps create innovative, effective and award-winning retail and commercial spaces.

Having recently completed deep work on revamping their branding and positioning they came to us to help them bring their updated brand to life online.

Our Solution

We worked closely with their team and their branding consultants to realise their brand online with a website that not only supports and extends the brand but also offers a powerful way to interact with the company – elegantly showcasing their wide range of products as well as their substantial and impressive body of work.

It was very important that the website made it easy for users to find the products they were looking for and we massively improved on their existing system by building a powerful search and filtering system to convey their products in an easy and efficient manner. Users can filter by brand, product type, application and mounting type and it works just as well on mobile as desktop.

They have nearly 200 products and to avoid them having to upload the extensive content for each one by hand we devised a clever content entry solution whereby we imported a spreadsheet of the content into the website as a batch. This meant they were able to work from a spreadsheet and get it all ready before we uploaded it all at once programmatically; much more efficient!

We designed and built Novii a portfolio section that enabled them to show off their work in a beautiful way that also seamlessly related it to their product range. Each portfolio item has an interactive product hotspot map over the main image that shows the visitor which products are used in the scene. This is all easily content manageable by Novii and they’re able to update it themselves whenever they need to.

We peppered the website with little bits of interactivity and delight – a little bit of movement here, a snippet of video there, all done with speed and responsiveness in mind.

Their new website is a stunning rendition of their new brand and artfully marries the aesthetic with the functional.

Our Services:

Information hierarchy
User experience analysis
Hosting and maintenance
Ongoing support
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