Pure Advantage

Pure Advantage is a registered charity led by business leaders and supported by a collective of researchers and writers who investigate and promote opportunities for New Zealand to fulfil its massive potential in green growth.

Pure Advantage engaged us to help collaboratively craft a way to bring the whitepaper to life, to make it more accessible and digitally engaging. White Papers have historically been hard copy documents that, whilst packed with important content, often fall on deaf ears online.

Our Solution

We created a storyform child site for the Pure Advantage website, allowing us to create compelling information architecture outside of the constraints of the general content site. This allowed us to create an immersive experience as the content delved into the optionality of different carbon futures for New Zealand.

We worked with New Zealand Story to curate a imagery portfolio that captures New Zealand’s Pure Advantage, and created an eco-system of interconnected commentary from some of New Zealand’s leading thought leaders in the space. Throughout the process we looked to assess the project’s performance, as the real time analysis was an opportunity most White Paper authors simply don’t have access to. The project resulted in actionable insights on quantified data, an invaluable tool for future planning and research production.

Our Services:

Strategy (design, system and dissemination)
Integrated componentry (Parent site & Social)
Content management
Hosting and maintenance
Ongoing support
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Simon Millar - CEO

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