The Landing

Steeped in history, The Landing began its most recent chapter following purchase by Peter Cooper in 1999.

The Landing came to us to develop new online platforms to showcase and delineate between their two offerings; Wine & Premium Accommodation.

Our Solution

The Landing Wine website is the first of these platforms. Designed to house a growing selection of vintages, the site was born of a burgeoning need to have the Wine brand live in a space of it’s own online.

We developed a custom, visitor-friendly e-commerce site, with a goal to increase the online wine sales. We paid particular attention to producing a unique shopping environment, to make for a more persuasive shopping experience.

With custom elements throughout the experience (like the gentle lapping content and Wine bottle transitions) , we sought to convey a sense of the Landing’s special place in the world. The gentle spotlight of the Mamaku pattern helps to ground the site in the feeling of the land.

Our Services:

Site system architecture
Image treatment
Cloud Distribution Network

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