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White Roofing

With a vision to create a next generation roofing company, White Roofing has set out to change the game.

We built them a custom site, catering to their customers bifurcation of maintenance needs.

Our Solution

White Roofing wanted a website that stood out from the pack and was reflective of the business’s strong emphasis on branding. Gemma Nicholls from Create & Curate crafted a new brand identity for us to work with, and we engaged commercial photographer Dean Lewis to shoot a new image package. The user experience is clear, and very very effective. A strong conversion rate ensures significant traffic from marketing channels results in work in the books. The site has a bunch of small custom elements, the desktop menu animations are reminiscent of the speed marks in the logo and the site is threaded with the unique font. The website is now the primary sales tool for the business – as it should be!

Our Services:

Information hierarchy
User experience analysis
Hosting and maintenance
Ongoing support
Samples of website design pages using unique text layout to encourage a call to action.Contact form and job openings web page designs.Examples of using negative space in design to highlight call to action.

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